I’m a designerMore specifically graphic designer but even that definition may not be specific enough as graphic designers do everything these days., creative developerI use the modifier "creative" because I don’t want to build things strictly functional but unique and aesthetically pleasing. and digital artistSometimes I produce digital artwork that isn’t as purpose-driven as the design side of me, so maybe artist is an apt description?. I like to make things and learn how things are made.

For over the past 10 yearsEven longer if you want to count the random logo I designed during high school I’ve been working under the title of graphic designer. From 2014 to 2018 I co-founded a little studioAt our biggest we were three people, but we did punch above our weight. called Tung where we specialized in graphic design and art direction. During that time we produced identities, packaging, publications, printed material and websites for a wide range of clients in the public, private and cultural sectors.

These days I’ve been exploring new mediums and the opportunities that they present for graphic design. I’m using this website as a repository for those such explorations.

That said, I’m happy to provide my expertise for projectsGot to make money too. whether it’s on the design or build sideI'll only build nicely designed things. of things (or better yet, both!). Feel free to reach out. Portfolio available on requestCheck out the Tung website first if you want a general idea what I'm about..